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We have a team of highly qualified and experienced diabetologists who are expert in their field and provide state of the art treatment for diabetes according to the international standards. We follow the guidelines provided by American Diabetes Association and International Diabetes Federation.

After consultation with the consultants, the patients are referred to diabetic educators for counseling. The consultation timings are from 1000hrs to 1330hrs in the morning and from 1800hrs to 2130hrs in the evening.

Diabetes Awareness Program

This is a complete program about modern and scientific information regarding diabetes. Diabetes Education is the most exciting offer given by Miracles in our session hall through multimedia presentations. We conduct one to one sessions and group sessions for patients and their families. In which we discuss different topics with the patients in easy to understand way so that they become fully aware of how to manage diabetes. The topics discussed are Introduction to diabetes, diet management, exercise, Monitoring of blood sugar, medicines, Insulin, its types, Injection techniques, Stress management, Preventive care and Hypoglycemia.

Our well trained diabetes educators provide all the useful knowledge to the patient, required by him, after the consultation with the doctor. Diagnosis of diabetes is like a blow It affects physical as well as emotional health. Negative thoughts associated with diabetes transform from denial to sorrow, anger, rebellion, grief and patient simply gives in. In such circumstances diabetes education and counseling becomes necessary to provide emotional stability to the patient. From diagnosis till optimal control, our competent counselors, very skillfully wear off all negative psychological effects and help patients to go successfully through all emotional phases of this chronic disease. They are empowered to deal with negative thoughts, tension and anxiety and are also taught to get support from the family.

Miracles believe that diabetes management is another name of life management. Daily life stress coping methods, anger management, depression counseling and productive relationship management are an integral part of our counseling services, which lead to hope and happiness.


Miracle also offers Pharmacy Services to its valued patients. Our pharmacy works on high standards. Quality Insulin and Oral medicines are available for the patients. Number of books and audio programs on diabetes are available that help the patients to update their knowledge and managing their diabetes. Food items are also available for the outdoor patients. Sales staff is very competent and cooperative.


The facility of authentic and reliable laboratory is also available to our patients in order to get their lab investigations done by trained paramedical staff as per proper medically recommended methods.

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  • Our slogan is "Care until Cure". It is part of a focused effort that provides comprehensive care to diabetic patients while working through concentrated research initiatives, towards the cure...

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